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2015 has been an exciting heart-filled year for the Paynesville Area ACT on Alzheimer’s community.  In keeping with our ACTion goals 1) support of caregivers 2) education of the community, these ACTions have resulted in:

Providing “Dementia Friends” training to 65 individuals including:

  • 27 emergency responders including firefighters and 1st responders
  • “Ollie” the 1st dementia friendly therapy canine in Minnesota, who is now providing comfort and calming companionship to many people with dementia
  • 6 Dementia Champions are ACTively offering training sessions to families, local organizations, school students and community members. 

Educational presentations with expert speakers are scheduled for:

  • Physicians and healthcare professionals
  • Caregivers
  • Police, emergency responders and firefighters
  • AARP’s Fraud Prevention presentation

Providing Alzheimer’s friendly business training to city employees, Chamber of Commerce members and local businesses.

Promoting Paynesville as a “Dementia Friendly Community” using a public billboard on display from September 10 – December 10, 2015.

Maintaining Paynesville ACT on Alzheimer’s Facebook page.

Purchased Teepa Snow videos to be available for education to caregivers and others.

Host a “Celebration Open House” on November 12, 2015 to highlight achievements such as dementia friendly businesses, emergency responders training, caregivers support activities.  Entertainment, education, a meal and special presentations will be a part of the celebration.

Impact of ACTing

In addition to an increased knowledge and awareness of Alzheimer’s disease/dementias the most significant impact has been the positive change in attitude.  The community now sees what the individual “can do” rather than what the individual “cannot do” and acts of support and kindness can be seen throughout the community.


The Paynesville Area ACT on Alzheimer’s was initially formed in May 2014 and was successful in receiving Phase 4 grant funding in April 2015.  The work plan served as a guide to encouraging actions to promote a diverse variety of efforts dedicated to creating a dementia friendly community.

Resources, News, and Events

Paynesville ACT on Alzheimer's Promotional Video

Paynesville Resource Brochure

ACT, Lindemans to be featured in Wall Street Journal (page 1, 2)

Training for Emergency Personnel held October 5, 2015 (flyer)

Paynesville ACTion Community in the news, July 8, 2015

Paynesville kick off event held November 16, 2014

Action Community Team contact:
Linda Musel