ACT on Alzheimer’s Granite Falls

About Our ACT Community

Living at Home Block Nurse Program (LAH/BNP) provided leadership for Granite Falls to become an ACT on Alzheimer’s Action Community in 2016. LAH/BNP, a volunteer organization led by Mary Ims, has delivered support and services to seniors and people with disabilities, including Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers for more than 20 years. Community members and business leaders participate on the team.

Snapshot of Activities

  • Held a community-wide kick-off-event inviting the public from Granite Falls as well as Montevideo, Clarkfield, Echo, Hanley Falls and Maynard. Thirty-four people joined the ACTion Team.
  • The mayor of Granite Falls declared June 20th “Dementia Friendly Day.” Sixty-seven people attended.
  • Team members have been invited to speak at various group gatherings, including the Senior Advocate Center, Kiwanis and American Legion.
  • Thirty-eight surveys have been completed.
  • Working with the Upper Sioux Indian health office to develop two educational events that address dementia and the unique culture of the Native American community. One event will be tailored for tribal elders and the other event will focus on issues Casino staff may encounter. 

Resources, News and Events

In the News

June 20 Has Been Declared “Dementia Friendly Day”
Granite Falls News, June 16, 2016

Action Community Team Contact 

Mary Ims