ACT Hopkins

Community Impact

Our team will point to raising awareness and transforming attitudes about Alzheimer’s in Hopkins by implementing three goals that resulted from our community assessment work:

  • Make the community aware of the resources and organizations that can help support people with dementia
  • Support caregivers through adequate education and training and caregiving/coaching/care consultations services
  • Foster effective dementia-friendly communication skills

Many people have been supportive and excited about our work, and our action team has some great ideas. But, recruiting people to help implement those ideas has been challenging. At our most recent community event (May 2017), we secured two important team members who will be champions within the city of Hopkins: the Chief of Police and a City Council member.

About Our ACT Community

Our initial action team had representatives from six senior living communities, three churches, one service club, two community service organizations, and the local school district. We have held two community meetings and interviewed 59 community members during the community assessment phase.

Snapshot of Activities (underway in 2017)

  • Offer Dementia Friends information sessions
  • Have action team members complete the Champions training for Dementia Friends
  • Use community events to increase awareness of the ACT Hopkins work and resources
  • Host an airing of a film that showcases dementia
  • Connect with elementary school social workers to raise awareness of dementia and improve support for families
  • Share community assessment results with Hopkins leaders
  • Provide speaker/education events for care partners of people living with dementia
  • Create Memory Care Kits; make them available to the public library and local churches

News, Resources, Events

Hopkins Community Meeting, May 18, 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. (pdf)
Eisenhower Community Center

Action Team Lead

Gail Skoglund