ACT Duluth

Community Impact

A couple ways our team can point to raising awareness and transforming attitudes about Alzheimer’s in Duluth include:

  • Responding to our community interview results, which  clearly show that understanding dementia is a priority for our community
  • Holding meetings with the Fond du Lac Indian Human Services Division and City of Duluth Human Rights Officer to recognize the health differences of diverse communities and to promote their inclusion in our efforts with Alzheimer’s and related dementias

In working to increase dementia detection and improve care, both major healthcare systems in Duluth are progressing in dementia care projects. Our ACT effort is positioned as a support arm for this work.

About Our ACT Community

As the Duluth ACTion Team formed in 2016, we engaged leaders from two local health care systems, two independent long-term care facilities, a local bank, and the faith community. A City Council member and representatives from the fire and police departments also participate on the ACTion Team. The Mayor of Duluth is supportive of the initiative and attends ACT events in the community. The team has decided to start with a focus on East Duluth, rather than the entire city at once.

Snapshot of Activities (underway in 2017)

  • Conduct a media campaign (TV, print, internet, PSA) across the Duluth community to increase knowledge of dementia and resources available
  • Use public libraries and faith communities as places to access dementia information
  • Determine the best tools to reach underserved and diverse communities

Resources, News and Events

In the News

From hospitals to hospitality, doctors to drive ins, new initiative works toward education, support
November 9, 2016, KUMD

Grants Will Help Planning for Alzheimer’s Support in Duluth, Ely
May 1, 2016, Duluth News Tribune

Action Community Team Contact

Mimi Stender

Kathy Heimbach