ACT Arlington

Arlington Dementia FriendsCommunity Impact

Our team can point to raising awareness and transforming attitudes about Alzheimer’s in Arlington through:

  • Engaging community members through newspaper articles, Facebook blasts, and conversations by Action Team members about Alzheimer’s and the ACT work. The effort has grown by word of mouth.
  • Handing out the 10 Warning Signs information and talking about dementia issues at team members’ workplaces.

In working to increase dementia detection and improve care in our community, we soon realized that engaging the medical community in the ACT on Alzheimer’s work would be a challenge. We continue to make strides. After meeting with the hospital administrator in early 2017, the hospital is now participating in the dementia friendly work, including compiling educational discharge materials.

About Our ACT Community

Arlington’s ACTion Team was formed in 2016 and is made up of community members representing local government, health care settings, businesses, residential settings, the legal and financial sector, and faith groups. The group has members representing all 11 sectors of the ACT community wheel.

Snapshot of Activities (underway in 2017)

  • Establish support groups for people caring for someone with dementia/Alzheimer’s
  • Explore presenting Dementia Friends sessions in the community
  • Offer the Powerful Tools for Caregivers class

Partner with the Arlington Garden Club to create dementia friendly garden spaces that provide healing therapy along with socialization for all community members

Action Community Team Contact

Liza Donabauer