Health Care Leadership Summit

September 29, 2016
7:30am – 12:00 noon
McNamara Alumni Center, Memorial Hall
University of Minnesota, 200 Oak Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455


I.              Welcome (Michelle Barclay)

II.             Building Quality Dementia Care:  An Urgent Need (Dr. Marv Lofquist)

III.            A Compelling Case for Change (Dr. Penny Wheeler)

IV.            A National/CMS Perspective (Dr. Shari Ling)

V.             Practical Solutions:  Integrating Dementia Care Best Practices

a.     Detection & Diagnosis – Case Examples

⇨   HealthPartners (Dr. Terry Barclay)

⇨   Essentia Health (Dr. Steve Waring)

⇨   Table Discussion Questions

b.     Post-Diagnostic Care – Case Examples

⇨   UCSF & Allina Health (Dr. Kate Possin & Kim Radel)

⇨   HealthPartners (Dr. Leah Hanson)

⇨   Bluestone Medical Group (Dr. Todd Stivland)

⇨   Table Discussion Questions

VI.            The Path Forward:  Making Dementia A Health Care Priority (Dr. Soo Borson)

⇨   Table Discussion Questions

VII.         The Time is Now to ACT

a.     Melissa Schebloom

b.     Rodolfo Nava Lozada

VIII.            Closing, Summary & Adjourn (Dr. Shari Ling)